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Mokita releases new single called ‘Down’.

Take a listen to a beautiful emotional new song called ‘Down’ from Mokita below. The name Mokita is from Kivila, a Papua New Guinea native language meaning “the truth we all know but don’t talk about.” . This meaning is intricately linked to John-Luke Carter’s (AKA Mokita) songwriting and is demonstrated in ‘Down’. Carter writes songs about personal themes that we all struggle with.

I was drawn to ‘Down’ not just because of the meaning that we can all relate to in 2020 for various reasons, but the beautiful vocal sound that is flooded with emotion. The speed of the song and the gentle piano supporting the vocals also stood out. When the electronic music starts up and the background vocals it emphasises the meaning. Listening to ‘Down’ for me is an introspective tour of my mind. Best listened to at home, with headphones laying on the bed or couch for this journey. Beautiful is the one word I think of when describing ‘Down’. Take a listen here.

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