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Lorraine-Dietrich drop new single called ‘Complicated World’.

Lorraine-Dietrich are a three piece outfit from Kansas City. The band consists of Peter Grebenyuk (Vocals/guitar) and Nathan Reid (Bass) and with no official drummer at this time. In 2020 they are working hard on an album to be released later this year. With the band members studying music at college and their own unique sound, they have a bright future ahead.

‘Complicated World’ is a song that grabbed my interest and maintained it throughout the whole 4.12 minutes. The change in pace in both music and vocals I really liked. Peter has a distinct vocal sound that has an impressive range. ‘Complicated World’ was written during quarantine and certainly expresses the emotions of the time both musically and lyrically. I think we can all relate, I know that I can, as we are currently in our 5 week of a 6 week full lockdown for the second time. Many songs are emerging from the unique situation we find ourselves in this year. Take a listen to ‘Complicated World’ here.

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