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Explosive and surreal, noise pop project Midnight Drags has released a new single Ronnie, a wild journey through love and loss and the chaotic dissolution of a relationship kept apart, out today, October 9.  Midnight Drags, the solo project of artist Lucas James, has also produced a stunning video clip for Ronnie in collaboration with Indonesian artist Galihpanji.  Ronnie is the first taste of Midnight Drags’ new album Bad Business, expected in early 2021. 

Ronnie is evocative of Cheap TrickEskimo Joe and even modern rockers Catfish and the Bottlemen – from the opening hits to the fiery, lightning-in-a-bottle chorus, from the dynamite guitar solo to James’ contagious vocal, this track is heartfelt, pervasive and intriguing.  Who is Ronnie – and what did they do? What are they looking for?  Offering some insight into the inspiration behind the track, James says, “Ronnie is a love song about yearning, regret and ultimately meeting one’s fate.  It was (loosely) written about someone I know who went to jail.  It’s written from the perspective of their confused and tormented loved one waiting on the outside.”  Recorded at James’ very own studio, Hot Bias Recording StudioRonnie features Lucas James on vocals, guitar, percussion and synth, Ashley Naylor (Even, Paul Kelly Band) on guitar, Bill McDonald (Stephen Cummings, Frente) on bass and Brett Wolfenden (The Casanovas, Wolfmother) on drums. 

The video for Ronnie is appropriately chaotic, fragmented – the animation style of Galihpanji is perfect for the mood of the track, as the sketchy characters descend into destructive behaviours and hopelessness prevails, as Lucas explains, “The video is a cool, trippy but rather grim little piece that I essentially left to the uber talented Galihpanji (Metamorse Studio) to come up with something after discussing the track with him… I was recommended to him by a friend and loved his rough and beautiful style.”

Ronnie is a stunning reflection of Midnight Drags as a project, as James reveals, Midnight Drags was borne out of a desire to play some of my slightly scuzzy power-pop with a band as I’d usually always recorded on my own and tried to cover all bases by myself.  This was a chance to let go of some of that creative control and allow other amazingly talented people to become part of the process and outcome. Glad I did.”

Midnight Drags is Lucas James.


  1. Say Something – Eskimo Joe. 

What a ripper! Epic and sophisticated power pop as usual by the Eskimo boys. Love it.

Different vibe and less ‘straight-up’ than the other tracks I’ve selected but I still reckon it fits onto a great power-pop list!

  • Kisses Are History – The Speedways. 

UK based power-poppers with a fkn great track. A 60’s influenced rocker with nods to 
Phil Spector, Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe. Melodic, bittersweet, great harmonies.. Perfect power pop.

  • Champagne – The Reflectors.

Love this band. Amazing, classic Amercian power pop here.. I get a bit of a Tom Petty/ The Knack thing here with some 90’s influences coming through. Dig this rocking guitar solo too!

  • Wyldlife – Automatic.

Yes!! This has such a tight, (late 90’s early 2000’s) kinda retro feel to me. An effortless cool herewith Britpop influences on their sleeves, fab harmony vocals..this is a real hit I reckon!

  • Midnight Drags – Ronnie.

Is this arrogant or wrong? I don’t know but I feel I’ve gotta plug my own song! 🙂 Hard to categorize my own track but to me this is a simple power-pop ditty with a pretty dark story. I think the above and my own stuff is saying ‘power pop ain’t going anywhere baby!’.. 

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