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St. Terrible releases ‘An Endless Fiction’.

Musician and experimental performance artist St. Terrible has just released a new single called ‘An Endless Fiction’. This release is more than a single, it is an expressive short music film that is emotion provoking. This piece of art is totally unique to anything that I have reviewed before. I think it is because of the emotions that it stirs up in me as the 11 mins tick by. The short film enhances the meaning and really does take the listener on a journey. This is relatable for those who do struggle with mental illness, but it is so much more. If by any chance you don’t suffer from mental illness this film can give you an insight of what it is like.

St. Terrible has an amazing vocal sound with an impressive range. I love how the vocals can change depending on the mood and the use of many instruments are just as moving as the lyrics. For example the saxophone around 9 mins. I know that 11 minutes might seem to long for those looking for a quick song but it is well worth taking the time to watch and absorb the greatness of ‘An Endless Fiction.

This short musical film was written by and based on concepts by Zach Herbert, directed by Meredith Richardson and Zach Herbert and shot by Cody Gittings.

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