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Mansfield drop new single ‘Please, Shine a Light’.

Danish rockers Mansfield have just released another gem of a single called ‘Please, Shine a Light’. This song like their previous single ‘A Place in the Sun’ deserves to rise in the charts. (read my review here) I have also just listened to their first release of their debut album and decided to share the album, see below. It is well worth your time, but I must review ‘Please, Shine a Light’ now! Then I will add the album to my fav playlist.

‘Please, Shine a Light’ is an exploration of stepping out of your comfort zone. It encourages people to put themselves out there and make the most of their life. ‘Please, Shine a Light’ was purposely released in January so we can look forward to a new year. For me, with the relief that there is not a madman as the US president anymore, can be in my mind when looking forward as well. A highlight of the song is the vocals. Christian has a distinctive vocal sound that I totally adore. The music of course is also great, catchy and gives the song that sense of encouragement. Mathias,Filip, Gulloev and Mathias Wedeken make a great team!

Linus and Andreas Valdemar Larsen filmed and produced the music video and it sure expresses the meaning of the song. It has a sense of fun as it is filled with antics of the band. Watch below.

Info on Mansfield

Mansfield formed back in 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The band consists of Christian Stage (vocals, guitar), Mathias (lead guitar, vocals), Filip Gulloev (drums, vocals) and Mathias Wedeken (bass). Their sound displays their influences, The Beatles, The Kinks and The Smiths, whom I love and grew up listening to. Mansfield has a great goal, to write high quality songs that are relatable. Their latest single ‘A Place in the Sun’ is a great example of this! soundcloud  youtube  facebook  instagram 

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