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Cairns-based singer-songwriter, Talitha Jae, is an accomplished songwriter and an artist on the rise.  She is currently two singles into the release of her debut EP titled ‘Spilt T’ due for release on all streaming platforms from Friday, August 6.

Whilst her musical style does sit on the fence of folk, indie, pop, country, jazz and blues, Talitha’s melodic mash-up tells quite a relatable narrative, her soft, angelic and dulcet tones engaging the listener from the beginning.

The six-track EP brings together the facets in the journey of love and heartbreak.  The EP opens with her debut single ‘Chasing My Tail’ referencing the frustration of navigating the modern dating scene.  It moves into the phase of ‘Ambiguity’ when you’re trying to figure out where you stand with someone.  At the EP’s mid-point, ‘Slow’ describes the feeling of jumping into the deep end of the relationship and not knowing how to slow it down. ‘Butterfies & Anxiety’ – Talitha’s second single – explores the emotions where you teeter on the immense sense of happiness of a newly formed relationship whilst your brain plagues you with thoughts of doubts… “what if they don’t actually like me?”.  Then it progresses into heartbreak as the relationship ends with the track ‘Waterproof Mascara’. ‘Spilt T’ then closes with ‘I’m Done’, the fun upbeat ‘I’m over it’ song with a few fun ways of telling someone to get lost towards the end. 

I structured the flow of the tracklist to take listeners on a journey through the feels,” says Talitha.  The “feels” is often what you will hear T refer to when describing her musical style, which incessantly strays from genre to genre.

Talitha says, “I used to attend a songwriting group with local musicians and I was struggling genre one day and a friend said ‘T, your genre is the feels’. While I protested that feels wasn’t a real option, he had a point. My songs all come from strong emotions and it’s my way of working through what I’m feeling… it’s real and it’s raw and I think that comes through.”

It was through this songwriting group that Talitha started to pave her way to creating a catalogue of songs that she would eventually handpick from for this very EP.

Born into a musical family in Mackay and having a natural affinity for music, Talitha made the move to Far North Queensland in 2013 and it was here that she began to really evolve and grow her confidence for songwriting.  Since 2018, the accolades began to roll in with her original songs affirming her as a top 10 national finalist (2018) and semi-finalist (2020) for Listen Up Music’s Songwriting Awards, placing third in the folk/acoustic category of the 2019 Australian Songwriters Association Awards and placing second at the Tablelands Folk Festival Songwriting Competition.  The two later awarded in recognition for her EP tracks ‘Chasing My Tail’ and ‘Butterflies & Anxiety’. 

Talitha is also a regular performer having made her very successful festival debut being booked to play three slots in 2020 at the Tablelands Folk Festival, including a spot in the coveted ‘Pub Ballroom’ venue. Talitha has also supported the likes of Pierce Brothers, The Wolfe Brothers and her most notable career highlight and an artist that she can call one of her favourites, Australian singer-songwriter Clare Bowditch.

Talitha also credits, in part, Clare for affording her the opportunity to record and professionally release ‘Spilt T’ having written a letter of support for Talitha’s application for the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) for which she was awarded a grant from earlier this year.  It was through this grant that Talitha has been able to financially support this EP release.

 EP “Spilt T” available now via iTunes and Spotify



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