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Rob Roth releases new single ‘Who You Are’.

I adore Rob Roth’s latest track ‘Who You Are’ featuring Marin Hoxha. Rob, like most of us, found something during the pandemic that we know saved us, and his saviour was his music. Rob and I have a lot in common, both past athletes, let down by our bodies, struggled through rehab and made the decision to have a different outlook on life, a positive one. What I love most about ‘Who You Are’ is the way it makes me feel. Sure it sounds amazing and I adore the vocal sound, but it is the feeling of hope that I get when I listen that gave me a connection to the song. I like the idea of telling people how you feel when you love them than hiding the feelings away. Take a listen to ‘Who You Are’ here, you won’t be disappointed!


New York City based, Pop/EDM songwriter Rob Roth, is a man of many talents, and his new single “Who You Are,” featuring Marin Hoxha via 7Clouds (  

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