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Jordan Jones releases a new single ‘Break My Heart’.

Jordan Jones aims to spread love with his music. Love that! He has recently been involved in other projects but is now releasing music as a solo project. Jordan has an amazing mastery of the guitar that is showcased in his latest single is called ‘Break My Heart’. This is a personal story that he is sharing and the lyrics are intense and emotional. I adore Jordan’s vocals and the way his natural accent shines through. Jordan is exploring all his feelings while sharing the story and asking questions that he really wants answered. After 10 years and a month prior to their wedding, his finance broke off the relationship. How extremely traumatic! Jordan expresses how difficult it was for him after this, and how he has been healing. His story and pain is really impactful which is what I like to hear from music. This song could help others heal from heartbreak. I look forward to hearing more from this talented artist! Take a listen to ‘Break My Heart’ here.

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