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Check out Harper Bloom’s top 5 influences and ‘Red Rocket’!

Check out Harper Bloom’s latest single ‘Red Rocket’ and her top 5 influences.

Harper was kind enough to share her Top 5 Influences with Jen.

(please provide 2-3 sentences on why you love each artist/song and include links where possible)

Courtney Barnett:

I am a big fan of Courtney’s – the way she is able to walk you through, so vividly, a day in her life in a song. It’s like you are right there in the room with her. To be able to explain the motions of life so poetically and in a way that hits so close to home, is truly difficult. She is a mastermind!

Courtney Barnett – Rae Street (Official Video) – YouTube

The Mouldy Peaches:

I’m a fan of the motto “Simple, yet effective”. I think a lot of things in life are over done and over thought. The Mouldy Peaches capture a feeling in a song so effortlessly and that is something that I am trying to improve at. I am trying to not overthink things – maybe if the words fall out of your mouth and they are silly, but they are the first words you thought of, then maybe they are the best words for that melody!

The Moldy Peaches – Anyone Else But You (Juno Soundtrack) – YouTube

Adam Newling:

I’ve thoroughly been enjoying getting stuck into Adam Newlings latest releases. “Sweetness” and “Singing Blackbird” have this timeless sound to me. His words hit hard and deep, they really cut through, they make you feel something and they make you nostalgic. That’s really the goal for me when I am writing music. 

Adam Newling – Singing Blackbird (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Ball Park Music – “Cherub”:

I’ve been a big Ball Park fan for many years now. Their music is consistently uplifting, even when the song lyrically is terribly sad. Cherub is an all-time favorite for me and I often look to this track now for inspiration. The listener is transported on this tender journey and then there’s this absolutely huge explosion of emotions. It’s a work of art.

Ball Park Music – Cherub (Official Video) – YouTube

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan as an artist has always been an inspiration for me, he is the reason I first started writing lyrics. How incredible to write words so relevant and resonant that they become the anthem of multiple generations. 

Info on Harper Bloom!

Melbourne-based, Perth singer-songwriter Harper Bloom has recently shared an affecting new single Red Rocket, a bright and empathetic tune that delves into dealing with loss in a positive way – by looking back on fond memories.  Released today, the charismatic song is accompanied by a charming music video that reflects on the simple things in life, set in country Victoria.

If Courtney Barnett had written a song for the Juno soundtrack, this would be it.  Red Rocket is a positive, upbeat indie-folk track that ironically stems from melancholy, about finding happiness after losing someone close to you.  The simple production from celebrated producers Steve Schram and David Quested (Paul Kelly, San Cisco, Jagua Jonze) and mastered by Grammy award nominee Joe Carra (The Teskey Brothers), delivers big, with ukulele and piano blending perfectly to allow the song room to grow and flourish, and the artist’s signature Aussie drawl adding an extra layer of charm.  Featuring minimal percussion and a horns section that builds to an outstanding outro, Harper Bloom proves the theory that more often than not, less really is more. Speaking on the inspiration for the track, the young artistsays, “A Red Rocket is a symbol of an indent someone has left in your life that you hold onto for comfort. This song navigates grief but it’s also a celebration of how lucky we are to have had a chance to know someone so special – no matter how brief that encounter may be.”

The video for Red Rocket is transportive as it takes the viewer on a journey into the familiar and humble moments that make us who we are, whilst lyrics of a life well lived reinforce the core of the song – to reflect and reminisce positively.  Directed by Matt and Lawrence from LP Creative (Maddy Jane), the video opens with beautiful vistas of the Australian country, taking the viewer to rural Victoria in a clever and delightfully nostalgic yet contemporary melange of Super 8 and digital videography.  “We wanted the music video to reflect the overall mood of the song, rather than tell a narrative-based story.”  Harper Bloom explains of the video, “our idea was to head to a beautiful quiet country town and shoot little everyday moments out in the town that you don’t really think about at the time, but are the special moments we all live for. Like a pleasant little encounter with a stranger that you’ll never meet again.

Harper Bloom is set for a big 2022 with a new sophomore EP and plenty of shows on the cards, Red Rocket may be the first thing we hear from this talented singer-songwriter this year, but certainly won’t be the last!

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